Six Project Management Modes

This is a nice way of looking at the way that a PM needs to wear multiple hats with different emphasis at different stages of the day and the project lifecycle. Thanks.

Shift Happens!

In the last blog, I was musing about what a project manager is and also the personality factors that make up a typical project manager. If you have not already done so, please complete the short poll at the end of this blog, to add to my data.

Another topic I toyed with for How to Manage a Great Project, but had to cut for lack of space because it was not essential, was the idea that there are multiple styles of project management.

I don’t here mean the personal styles that we all bring to the role – although there is another great blog topic! Different stages in the project and different challenges each bring out a need for a different style of project management – or for a unique combination of those styles. I like the idea of a radar plot (sometimes called a spiderweb plot)…

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