Updatey Coming out of Beta

UpdateyWe originally posted about the Updatey beta back in early November 2013, observing that the British RawJam team lead by Benjamin Dell were going after 37Signals’ Basecamp space.

Since then there have been some significant strides forward, as you would expect as a Beta grows up. In late November we observed that Updatey was taking a slightly different angle to the typical project collaboration tool. The Updatey team have realised that where many collaboration tools lack strength is in serving the broader project stakeholder team need for a high level view of the project status, whilst also supporting the core team in getting the job done with the basic functionality you’d expect.

Since then they’ve added solid integrations, not just with Basecamp, but also with Teambox and Pivotal Tracker. There is also a new automated weekly Highlight Report feature. As well as individual project managers loving the simplicity, we can see those with responsibility for programs or portfolios of projects to be quite excited.  The tool is now focused on visualisation of progress, and giving stakeholders the information they need without needing to get sucked into the detail.

We understand that Updatey is coming out of Beta tomorrow (Friday 17th January), so if you want to get the 40% beta community discount for the first year don’t dilly-dally.  In the mean time you can get more information from the Updatey Blog.

We’ll be adding Updatey to our New Tools section soon.

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