The project top 10

A super read for a Friday afternoon


The Penguin investigates some project management top 10s. What have we missed? Join the discussion below.

Top 10 signs you’re a project manager

  1. Becoming tired of having a social life beyond work.
  1. Spending hours planning and re-planning a Friday night out.
  1. Thinking Rommel would have been more effective if he’d used a Gantt chart.
  1. Using so much jargon customers think you’re speaking a foreign language.
  1. Organising your life into milestones.
  1. Setting time based tasks for your family at weekends.
  1. Buying a personal copy of Microsoft Project for use at home.
  1. Giving regular status reports to your other half while doing the decorating.
  1. Creating a Gantt chart to plan your holidays.
  1. Referring to food at dinner parties as “deliverables”.

Top 10 things a project manager should never say to a customer

  1. If you’re as confused as I am then you know as much as I do.
  1. Don’t worry it’s easier than…

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