How ProjExc can help with your PMO

There are a number of ways that ProjExc can help with your PMO:

PMO Assessment. This is an honest review of your existing project management practices and a full assessment of your PMOffice requirements.  The independent report from the assessment will provide a high-level but comprehensive plan which can be used to implement your PM Office yourself, with our help, or even with the help of others.  Your only commitment is to getting the report and making your own decisions.

PMO Set-up.  Building on the output from the PMO Assessment, you can engage a full management service to fully set-up a PMO function in your organisation. From structure and resourcing, through to implementation of processes and procedures, templates and selection and implementation of the best tools for your business integrated where necessary to your existing MIS platform.

PMO Management Services. Choose pay-as-you-go or from a package of services including project support & helpdesk, guiding, monitoring and managing.

At all times when dealing with ProjExc you remain in control.  We don’t lose sight of the fact that it is your business and you need to run it your way, albeit with support and advice from the right experts, at the right time.

ProjExc PM Office Services

Supporting your projects

There are often many stakeholders in projects with differing needs and demands.  For the PMO, there are two direct stakeholders, your project managersand your executive (including their representative, theproject sponsor).  In supporting your projects we provide support for both parties as descibed below.

ProjExc Supporting your Project Managers

PM Support & Helpdesk

  • Helpdesk by telephone and e-mail, with troubleshooting and support
  • Document review and quality monitoring
  • Document management system maintenance, e.g. status reports, project plans, budgets, registers, …
  • Communications written and circulated
  • Project plan maintenance
  • Collation of reports and performance data
  • General project office administration support e.g. meeting bookings etc

PM Guidance

  • Review/improvement of processes and procedures
  • Provide/implement project management toolkit
  • Implementation of performance monitoring
  • Reviewing/troubleshooting projects failing or at risk of not achieving full potential
  • Training and coaching and facilitating project management forums/skills development
  • Set up of continual improvement processes/ procedures

ProjExc Supporting your Project Sponsors


  • Change Control
  • Exception management
  • Project performance review
  • Project reports review and authorisations
  • Support
  • Risks or RAID (Risks, Assumptions, Risks and Dependencies) review
  • Project plan monitoring
  • Approvals and sign off  handling e.g. work packages


  • Management of the business case
  • Reviewing and defining structures and roles
  • Define project approach
  • Senior Management representative e.g. board meetings
  • Project team meetings chair
  • Authorisation of stages, parameters and exceptions
  • Escalated approvals and sign off handling

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