Take Control of Your Projects

Take the necessary steps now to take control over your projects.

It’s bad enough that some projects over-run or over-spend, but it’s even worse if you don’t know why, or didn’t see it coming before it was too late.

ProjExc PM Office Services

ProjExc have the necessary

  • knowledge,
  • skills, and
  • experience

to bring consistency, reporting and control to the projects in your organisation.

Whether you need help and advice in creating your own in-house project management office (PMO), you want to bridge the gap until your own PMO is up and running, or you want to outsource your PMO with a blend of our on-site and remote expertise ProjExc have what it takes.

The ProjExc Team understand your frustrations, but more importantly they know how to quickly implement the right processes and tools for your organisation to professionally & consistently handle your project initiation, planning, execution, control & reporting and closure/reviews.

They will ensure full visibility, common understanding within your organisation with one truth for project:

  • budgets,
  • timescales,
  • change control,
  • risk management,
  • issue handling,
  • task management, and
  • resource management.

This consistent view will enable you to make the right decisions before it’s too late.

You know that there are several methodologies and processes for project, portfolio and program management out there, literally hundreds of tools and thousands of templates.  The ProjExc Team have the independence, and expertise necessary to guide you through this minefield, and select what is right for your organisation now and in the future.

Feel free to browse around PM Advisor for free tips and news from the world of PMO.  You’ve probably got your projects under control, but if you can’t afford to leave it to chance any longer and want to know more contact ProjExc either by completing the form below or by calling them on 0121 222 5744.

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