Doing More With Less

We are all under pressure to do more with less.

If you have a senior role in any organisation, 3% saving here or 8% saving there can be worthy of significant effort on your part.
Bottom Line
Consider for a moment your projects:
  • How many real projects do you have running?
  • Are your projects product developments, strategic initiatives, marketing projects, HR projects, new IT systems, important client projects/contracts/deals?
  • What are these projects costing you, and what are they worth to your organisation?
  • Are you tired of mediocrity from your project managers?
Last year around 70% of business project objectives were not met in the UK (or anywhere else for that matter) – they were seriously delayed, significantly over budget and/or did not meet their specified scope or quality.
By consistently using some simply implemented appropriate project management techniques and discipline, ProjExc clients have easily reduced those 70% failure rates to single figures.  In turn with the huge savings they have made, they have been able to invest in more projects and the benefits that they bring.
Project Management is increasingly recognised as the pre-eminent business competence for the 21st century, and yet all too often an organisation uses different (or no) processes, tools & templates to manage their projects and has project managers at hugely varying levels of competence.

Project Management Matters

Clearly project management matters to your organisation, but when did you last reflect on how much of your attention is focused just on the projects rather than the project management?
John Williams is lead consultant at ProjExc PM Consulting who help businesses realise their desired outcomes, on time, and within budget.

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