Hosted Services Seminar, Bromsgrove

On 31st October ProjExc will be joining Fujitsu, Microsoft, Clarity Solutions and 5nines at a hosted services seminar in Bromsgrove looking at virtualisation, disaster recovery and business continuity.

If you are anxious about how your organisation would respond to a critical incident and be able do the things necessary to survive, you can learn more for free.  Get more details here 5nines_seminar-31oct14.pdf on this unique opportunity or register by calling 5nines on 01527 570535.


Business Continuity Management

There is a natural bond between project management and business continuity management.  Increasingly we’re finding more interest in the subject both by individuals at PM Advisor and by organisations at ProjExc.  In recognition of this we’ve created a new section here to help you, our readers, find “all things BCP” in one place.

ToolboxOn the dedicated page we bring together a series of mini-posts from ProjExc on the following:

In future posts we’ll expand on these topics as well as looking into some of the specialisms needed in making a holistic continuity strategy effective looking at topics including:

  • Disaster Recovery & System Resilience
  • Document Management
  • Alternative Premises
  • Inventory Recovery

Also, watch out for relevant events and other related resources.

If you have any suggestions or requests on what we should include feel free to add a comment below or get in touch.  Similarly if you have any interesting experiences or horror stories on the subject we’d love to hear them.