Project Management Tools – consolidation time?

Deltek acquires Acumen - first of many?

More acquisitions in the PM Tools market to come?

Of interest today is the news that Deltek acquires Acumen, as Wall Street Journal amongst others reports.  This is clearly an opportunity for Deltek to strengthen it’s planning and schedule space and so a highly sensible acquisition.  The move brings Deltek into a full All-in-one PM Tool for enterprise.

However our thoughts now shift to the over proliferation of “me-too” basic project collaboration tools.  We start to wonder if the now is the time for many of the players to build customer base and market presence through some sensible M&A activity in the space.  Who has the hunger and backing to start the much needed consolidation, and would it make financial sense?

PM Advisor: PM Tool Database Review Summer 2013

PM Tools Review

We have recently completed our annual full review of our PM Tools database.

This year for the first time the number of tools has fallen slightly, with 38 going out of service (or business), but equally 26 new tools having been identified.  There are now around 230 assessed tools on the database.

We use the database for a number of purposes.  Of course we share some of the highlights and identify the tools for our PM Advisor PM Portal readers to use (choose PM Tools from the top menu bar and select which category you are interested in).  However the fuller database is used for our ProjExc Consultants to help and guide their clients in selecting the right tools for their organisation or PMO.

The 4 broad-brush categories used are Productivity Tools, Collaboration Tools, All-in-one Tools and Specialist Tools.  Some are pure project management , whereas others provide invaluable functionality to project managers.  Click on the link that interests you and dive in to some of our really useful PM Advisor mini profiles.

If you have time to post a comment or email us, we’d love to know what PM Tools you use and why?