How ProjExc can help with your PMO

There are a number of ways that ProjExc can help with your PMO:

PMO Assessment. This is an honest review of your existing project management practices and a full assessment of your PMOffice requirements.  The independent report from the assessment will provide a high-level but comprehensive plan which can be used to implement your PM Office yourself, with our help, or even with the help of others.  Your only commitment is to getting the report and making your own decisions.

PMO Set-up.  Building on the output from the PMO Assessment, you can engage a full management service to fully set-up a PMO function in your organisation. From structure and resourcing, through to implementation of processes and procedures, templates and selection and implementation of the best tools for your business integrated where necessary to your existing MIS platform.

PMO Management Services. Choose pay-as-you-go or from a package of services including project support & helpdesk, guiding, monitoring and managing.

At all times when dealing with ProjExc you remain in control.  We don’t lose sight of the fact that it is your business and you need to run it your way, albeit with support and advice from the right experts, at the right time.

ProjExc PM Office Services

Supporting your projects

There are often many stakeholders in projects with differing needs and demands.  For the PMO, there are two direct stakeholders, your project managersand your executive (including their representative, theproject sponsor).  In supporting your projects we provide support for both parties as descibed below.

ProjExc Supporting your Project Managers

PM Support & Helpdesk

  • Helpdesk by telephone and e-mail, with troubleshooting and support
  • Document review and quality monitoring
  • Document management system maintenance, e.g. status reports, project plans, budgets, registers, …
  • Communications written and circulated
  • Project plan maintenance
  • Collation of reports and performance data
  • General project office administration support e.g. meeting bookings etc

PM Guidance

  • Review/improvement of processes and procedures
  • Provide/implement project management toolkit
  • Implementation of performance monitoring
  • Reviewing/troubleshooting projects failing or at risk of not achieving full potential
  • Training and coaching and facilitating project management forums/skills development
  • Set up of continual improvement processes/ procedures

ProjExc Supporting your Project Sponsors


  • Change Control
  • Exception management
  • Project performance review
  • Project reports review and authorisations
  • Support
  • Risks or RAID (Risks, Assumptions, Risks and Dependencies) review
  • Project plan monitoring
  • Approvals and sign off  handling e.g. work packages


  • Management of the business case
  • Reviewing and defining structures and roles
  • Define project approach
  • Senior Management representative e.g. board meetings
  • Project team meetings chair
  • Authorisation of stages, parameters and exceptions
  • Escalated approvals and sign off handling

Take Control of Your Projects

Take the necessary steps now to take control over your projects.

It’s bad enough that some projects over-run or over-spend, but it’s even worse if you don’t know why, or didn’t see it coming before it was too late.

ProjExc PM Office Services

ProjExc have the necessary

  • knowledge,
  • skills, and
  • experience

to bring consistency, reporting and control to the projects in your organisation.

Whether you need help and advice in creating your own in-house project management office (PMO), you want to bridge the gap until your own PMO is up and running, or you want to outsource your PMO with a blend of our on-site and remote expertise ProjExc have what it takes.

The ProjExc Team understand your frustrations, but more importantly they know how to quickly implement the right processes and tools for your organisation to professionally & consistently handle your project initiation, planning, execution, control & reporting and closure/reviews.

They will ensure full visibility, common understanding within your organisation with one truth for project:

  • budgets,
  • timescales,
  • change control,
  • risk management,
  • issue handling,
  • task management, and
  • resource management.

This consistent view will enable you to make the right decisions before it’s too late.

You know that there are several methodologies and processes for project, portfolio and program management out there, literally hundreds of tools and thousands of templates.  The ProjExc Team have the independence, and expertise necessary to guide you through this minefield, and select what is right for your organisation now and in the future.

Feel free to browse around PM Advisor for free tips and news from the world of PMO.  You’ve probably got your projects under control, but if you can’t afford to leave it to chance any longer and want to know more contact ProjExc either by completing the form below or by calling them on 0121 222 5744.

Strategy’s No Good Unless You End Up Somewhere New

This great HBR post stresses the importance of creating change with strategy.

DICE Project Assessment Method

DICE is a change project assessment tool developed by the Boston Consulting Group.  It is a standardised way of assessing the likelihood of a project succeeding.

Embed from Getty Images

With something like ⅔rd of projects failing to meet their objectives, many organisations and PMOs often seek objective tools to help understand the likelihood of their projects meeting their objectives.  With this in mind and recognising the proven factors in project failure, BCG had the idea of “minimising that risk of failure, powerfully flipping the odds in favour of success”.

BCG’s experts have determined that the outcome of change initiatives is driven by four elements:

  1. the (D)uration of the project;
  2. the performance (I)ntegrity of the team;
  3. the organizational (C)ommitment to change; and
  4. the additional (E)ffort required of staff members.

Assessing projects against these four elements, which they call DICE®, can greatly help achieve successful change from initial idea to benefits realisation.

Their methodology for scoring and statistically analysing the dynamics of DICE®, thereby allows objective assessment of the likely outcome of transformation.

Using the tool on BCGs website allows rapid visual assessment looking like this:


Dice Example

Project Management News Digest w45 2013

News DigestNew Project Collaboration Tool, Updatey in Beta


The British RawJam team are going after 37Signals’ Basecamp space, with it’s new tool, Updatey, and judging by the Beta it looks good.

Updatey presentation is really simple, but it still packs a punch.  It’s focus is allowing the project team to visualise & track the progress of your projects, keeping new and existing team members updated both on the project timeline with milestones and the activity line.

Once you have put in your start date and some milestones your project is up and running.  You can then invite team members to join in, by posting and watching status updates and documents to the activity line.


New PM Tool called Updatey

We’re using the Beta at present, with good first impressions, and will post a fuller review as the product develops.

Telerik Extend their Agile Project Management Reach


Version 3.0 of TeamPulse now supports access to multiple data sources via a RESTful API

And Another Project Collaboration Tool – WorkZone


Will Kelly looks at another collaboration tool, which appears to be another “me too”.

Project Managers – Use the Language of Your Audience


Norman Marks provides a salultory tale of the importance of communicating with your audience in their language.

The Integration of Agile and the Project Management Office


Peter Schmidt from ESI provides an insightful insight into the worlds of Agile and Waterfall working together in harmony for organisational benefit.

From To Do Lists to Managing Projects – The Path From Personal to Professional Management


An interesting observational from Lucian Ioan sees the journey of organisation:


Get Organised

  • Know what to do and when
  • Prepare for battle
  • To mix or not to mix
  • GoPro
  • Less tools, more thinking

This is all good stuff, and if you also break the procrastination habit you’ll be suitably organised.

5 Quick Tips for Making Critical Thinking a Habit

PM Champion

  1. Have an open perspective
  2. Keep focused and avoid getting distracted
  3. Ask questions and provoke debate
  4. Learn to multi-task
  5. Control your stress

How to Make the Most of a Project Manager

Tech City News

Wise words concluding that “if you don’t employ a PM, it’s likely your project will still get delivered but at the cost of a lower profit margin, a less satisfied client and a more frazzled team. And who wants that?”.

How to Make Project Management a Learned Skill and Behaviour


Will Kelly interviewed Dean Carlson, CEO of Viewpath, and Avinoam Nowogrodski, CEO of Clarizen, exploring he importance of project management becoming a learned skill and behavior for the entire project team.

3 Biggest Myths of Project Planning

Believe the myths and you are almost guaranteeing that your project will fail to meet it’s objectives.

Myth 1: “I don’t need a Project Plan

Often PMs believe that they have a PID / definition / charter document and that has sufficient information to make production of a project plan unnecessary.  Wrong!  The aforementioned document is the foundation on which to build the project management plan.  Once the project is approved, the principal responsibility of the PM is detailed research, preparation, creation & sharing of a plan.  This will guide the PM through the project execution step by step, covering all of the relevant aspects of the project (see diagram).  The plan is a wise investment by the PM.  It forms the basis of communication with the project team and broader stakeholders.


Myth 2: “It’s just a Gantt Chart

Wrong! The project management plan isn’t just a visual representation of the work breakdown (WHAT) with dependencies, timing (WHEN), resources (WHO) & possibly critical path.  The professional PM also needs to consider all of the other aspects so as to maximise the chances of success.  Look at the mind map above for some of the other aspects to consider.

Myth 3: “I’ve got a great plan, and it’s filed

Wrong.  The project plan is a significant investment in getting the project in order.  As such is should be a living document that the PM will use day-by-day to guide them through the execution, helping make sure that they stick to the intended path.  As and when the inevitable deviations are encountered then the plan should be updated to reflect the change, helping the PM to make necessary impact assessments.  It is also the most important communication tool for the project manager to keep their team and stakeholders abreast of progress and direction.

Project Management News Digest w41 2013

NewsDigestProject Management Frameworks for SMEs

Project Accelerator

More and more organisations are looking for a Framework for successful project management, and for SMEs PRINCE2 can be overkill.

Handbook of People in Project Management

A new PM book by Dennis Lock and Lindsay Scott looking at one of (and probably the most important) the 3 elements for project success – people.

UK Economy Strengthening – Signs in the Projects World

Two of the biggest indicators that the UK economy seems finally to be turning the corner to us here are:
  1. There is a steadily increasing number of PM jobs being advertised, and
  2. There are more people talking to us about now being the time to take the plunge in that big project, where would they find a good PM, and how would be the best way to apply appropriate governance to the project.
Both suggest that projects are being started, and we all know that projects are huge investments.

Flow Upgrades to Full PM Suite

The web and iOS tool has been updated with additional team functionalities.

The Power of Project Governance

An interesting insight and useful checklist from Anita Potgieter.  We’re not sure that the only project management system is Project Server 2013 though!

APM Launches The PM Channel

A great online resource with on demand PM training & development

Glossary of IT PM Terms You Should Know


Wrike Raises $10m from Bain Capital for PM Tools


New Infographic Shows the Need for a PMO

The Intersect Group

5 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make As A PM

  1. Omission of milestones
  2. Disregarding your risk log
  3. Failing to communicate
  4. Losing sight of the big picture
  5. Not updating your calendar
5 Best Personal PM Tools
Lifehacker recently asked their readers to describe their best personal project management tool.  The top 5 were.  Some interesting surprises there..
  1. Asana
  2. Troll
  3. Microsoft OneNote
  4. Evernote
  5. Azendoo
5 Best PM Techniques to Steal
  1. Kanban
  2. Scrum
  3. GTD
  4. CCPM
  5. Kaizen
Popular iOS Mindmapping Tool iThoughts Now On OSX

Did we miss something?  Let us know.