Collaboration Tools

Collaboration ToolsA category of project management tools established by the market leader, 37 Signals’ Basecamp has over the last few years become much more crowded.  Particularly in this space there is an increasing trend towards mobile project management tools, as evidenced by the abundance of iOS and Android applications available.

Here are a few with PM Advisor mini profiles to consider, with choice largely dependent upon workflows and available budget.

5pmWebBasecampComindworkHuddleOPM CreatorPelotonicsProjectPlaceTeamboxWrike.

Other well-known tools in this category include:

A-C: Ace Project, Action Method, Active Collab, Acunote, Agile Zen, AjaxWorkSpace, ApolloHQ, Binfire, BirdView, BontQ, BrixHQ, Business Driver, Central Desktop, ClientSpot Extreme, Collabtive, ConceptBoard, Confluence, Copper Project, Creative ProOffice,

D-O: DeskAway, Docuter, Doolphy, Feng Office, FreedCamp, Glass Cubes, GoalKeeper, GoPlan, GroupCamp, Happy ToDos, iManageProject, incite, Inclusionware, Intervals, Kunagi, Mavenlink, Mclaren,

O-W: OnStage, Paymo, Planzone, Project Bubble, ProjectSpace, ProofHub, ProWorkFlow, Redmine, Rule, SocialCast, Springloops, TeamLab, Thought Works, TinyPM, vKolab, and WebPlanner.

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