Free Resources

Most people think that they have what it takes to be a successful project manager. How hard can it be, right?

It’s a well recognised fact that more than 70% of UK business projects fail !  Our sponsors, ProjExc, have a passion for helping organisations in achieving Project Excellence, using proven scalable techniques, without necessitating drowning in unnecessary paperwork.

To support their clients, ProjExc have for some time made available some standard Project Management (PM) resources through their old PM Portal. Feedback has shown that their Project Management Portal was of considerable use to the broader project manager community.  Here on PM Advisor you will find a valuable collection of free PM Templates, Guidance Sheets and links, as well as a vast database of PM tools and much more.

We are happy to make these resources freely available, and ask for nothing in return, other than clear and unambiguous reference to us.  We hope you agree that’s fair, not to mention a great deal.

If you wish to talk over any project management related issues, please do call our sponsors, ProjExc PM Consultants on 0121 222 5744 or find out more by visiting the ProjExc Project Management website.

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