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As you know the web is an unrivalled resource for all sorts of subjects.  Project and Programme Management is no different, but as is often the case it can be hard finding what you are really looking for (quickly).  If you’re looking for links to sites for PM Methodologies, PM Tools or PM Competence then click away at the links above, but if you want to look at some other hubs, portals or collections of a broad range of project management and related stuff take a look at some of these excellent resources:

PM Hut provides a wonderful site with thousands of categorised project management articles.

Association for Project Management (APM) – the professional body for project management.

PMPodcast hosted by Cornelius Fichtner is a delightful resource, with a useful podcast and helping beginners and experts to pass PMI exams.

Take a look at this post where we list some of our favourite PM Blogs.

If you would like your site added to this list, or if you can independently recommend an excellent PM resource on the web then get in touch with the PM Advisor team.  We’re incredibly approachable and believe in abundance so are not in the least threatened by similar resources on the web – we don’t see them (you?) as competitors, more as friends in a constantly growing eco system!

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