PM Answers

PM Answers

A unique resource providing project managers with honest advice from renowned experts

We’re offering the PM Advisor Community with a unique opportunity.   A resource where world renowned project management experts are able to directly answer YOUR project management questions.  You see, we understand that often the role of project manager can give the feeling of isolation, and you’re expected to have all of the answers.  We also understand that project managers are human!

We are helping the PM Advisor Community by providing PM Answers in 3 ways:

Written PM Answers. Got a burning project management question or issue that you are looking for an answer to?  Ask us.  Our project management experts will do their best to answer it, or point you in the right direction.  The best questions, along with our answers, will be posted back onto the site creating a unique community directed Q&A forum.  Post your question using the contact form below…

PM Answers for Success.  Only 30% of projects meet their objectives.  Turn that on it’s head with PM Advisor.  Attend our FREE online seminar “Why Project Managers Fail, and what you can do about it”.  By using our 3 recommended elements for project success you can expect to achieve project SUCCESS rates of 90%+.

Pre-register your interest in our next seminar using the contact form below and we’ll be in touch with more details.

If online isn’t for you, but your organisation would benefit from the PM Answers for Success then we can send our experts to you for FREE – contact us for more details.

PM Answers Club. Meet online with our experts and fellow project management professionals, talking over issues and sharing experiences in either in secure, small groups, thus helping to overcome your project management issues, or individually with a qualified PM Advisor.  Not only will you develop your own competence but you will grow your network of PM Professionals, all from the comfort of your office or home.  Find out more about PM Answers Club and book your taster Group Learning Session. 

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