PM Answers Club

PM Answers

A unique resource providing project managers with honest advice from renowned experts on their project management issues

Introducing PM Answers Club
All professionals need support to develop and grow from time to time.  Project Managers in particular have a great deal of expectation placed upon them in terms of ability, specific skills and experience.  Increasingly PMs are assigned, despite them not necessarily carrying all of the pre-requisite competence.  Traditionally, in-house mentors have been a major part of the solution, but big business is under increasing pressure to do more with less.  More and more project professionals are working in smaller organisations where there is little or no expert support available.  These factors mean that external expertise is needed.  However competence development budgets are constantly being squeezed, and so there is understandably a need for great value, both in terms of quality, time and budget.  That is where the PM Answers ‘Club’ from PM Advisor can help.

A Blend of Coaching & Mentoring
Our consultant led sessions help project professionals fill any gaps in their PM skills with deep expert knowledge and real world experience from a wide range of industries.  The sessions are facilitated by experienced coaches & mentors who can lead problem solving discussions using proven coaching techniques enabling self-discovery where appropriate.

Value and Security
PM Answers’ unique approach has been created in order to provide a high quality service,  with super value, achieved through an appropriate mix of group mentoring and the latest communication technology, thus minimising travel time and costs.   We also recognise that successful coaching and mentoring relies heavily on non-verbal communication. To ensure high quality face-to-face meetings we use the secure Citrix GoToMeeting system available to PC, Mac, iOS and Android users with a broadband connection.

Confidentiality is taken seriously in order to create an open learning environment.  Group sessions are closed groups and all meetings are held under the Chatham House Rule.  For individual sessions we encourage the use of NDAs where appropriate.

Choose from 3 Types of PM Answers Session
Facilitated group PM Answers Sessions allow learning, problem solving and experience sharing in order to find answers to project management questions in a more relaxed and collegial manner, which reinforces knowledge and effectively builds PM confidence.  These take 2 formats: Group Learning will focus on a particular topic, and Group Answers will address one or a number of issues according to the needs of the attending group.

Individual Answers sessions take a more traditional mentor-mentee format allowing concentrated focus on a particular issue addressing specific skill acquisition and experience sharing as needed by the individual.

How It Works

Group Learning.  Members sign-up for these timetabled sessions on a variety of project management topics.  They join a small, closed video connected group to learn about the published topic and then discuss experiences on that topic and address any burning project management questions together, all led by an experienced Project Management Coach.

Group Answers.  Members sign-up for these timetabled sessions.  They join a small, closed video connected group to explore & answer the current project management challenges faced by the group, all facilitated and directed by an experienced Project Management Coach.

Individual Answers.  Members schedule a private online video call with their PM Advisor and spend an hour working through their issue to agreed actions, following the recognised GROW model, with expert intervention where necessary.

Sign Up
If you think that PM Answers Club is right for you, then your next step is to book your FREE taster Group Learning session.

Just send an email to us with you Name, Job Title, Company, Billing Address, Industry Sector, Years of Project Management Experience, Biggest PM Challenges as well as your Email Address and Telephone Number, or simply complete and send to us the Application Form.

We’ll be back to you with suggestions for the next available taster session so that you can book your place.

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