Productivity Tools

Productivity ToolsThere is a growing plethora of productivity tools which can help individuals and teams keep on top of project tasks and priorities, with varying levels of sophistication (complexity).

Here we highlight a few notable examples with PM Advisor mini profiles, but a simple web search will highlight lots (and lots) of new options.  When choosing you should consider who will need to use the tools, who will need to have access, what platform(s) you want to update the tool with, and so on.

AsanaEvernoteSaneboxRemember The MilkThingsTrelloWunderlistWorkflowy.

Other tools in this category include Action Item Manager, Function Point, GTDagenda, NoKahuna, PlanDone, Producteev, TeamWork PM, Thoughtboxes, and WeDoIst.


  1. A Pinto says:

    When it comes to productivity you can’t fail to add Proofhub in this list. It boosts productivity with its amazing features like time tracking, to-do’s, reports, group chat, gantt chart and more. Try it at

  2. Hi A Pinto, thanks for reaching out. PH is definitely on our radar, and will be included in the next update from our side. Of interest we see it as fitting into our collaboration tools category, rather than productivity. Thoughts?

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