Specialist Tools

Specialist ToolsThis is our catch-all category for tools which have deep specific functionality in a variety of areas.

Those areas include risk management, gantt preparation, mindmapping and more.  This is a rapidly growing marketplace, and so if you know of a great tool, or indeed want to tell us about your tool, please do so and if we’re impressed we’ll add it to the list.

We provide PM Advisor mini profiles for gantterTomsPlanner@riskmindjetiThoughtsMindmeisterYast, and Ganttic (just follow the links).

Others in this category include:

#-E: 4Projects, Actitime, AcuProject, Aha!, All Change, AMS realtime, Artemis, BIME Dashboard, BIW, BluePrintHQ, Claromentis, Cognizant, Decision Edge, Dotproject, Entry, EPMLive, eTaskMaker, ExtremePlanner,

F-O: Financial Force, FlowDock, GANTTproject, Geckoboard, Innate, iPlanner, IRIS, Journyx, JumpChart, jxproject, KanBan Tool, KPI, Lighthouse, Method123, OneDesk, OneHub,

P-R: PB Works, PHP Easy, PlanTrackRevise, Prochain, Profess, Project Footage, Project Minder, Project Partner, Project Tools, project.net, Porjects Center, QuickBase, Replicon,

S-Z: SharePlan SmartSheet, Solo, StatusBoard, SyncD, TaskJuggler, TeamDesk, TeamDirection, TenRox, TheCurrentPlan, TimeControl, TracProject, Trakeze, vyew, WizeHive, Work etc, and WorkBook.

There are also the following, which specifically focus on agile or scrum projects: AgileWrap, Agilo, Assembla, GetSmartIQ, Pivotal Tracker, Planbox, RallyDev, ScrumDesk and Target Process

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