Project Management News Digest w42 2013

NewsDigestInternational Project Management Day 7th November
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Warning Signs Your Project May Be in Trouble
Governance is a hot topic in project management recently, and in our opinion, rightly so.  In this article Harold Kerzner explores increasing pressure on project managers and sponsors, what this means to the project and weaknesses in understanding governance roles & responsibilities.
Quote of The Week
The root of most project evil is poor governance“, from an article by Brian Wernham in an article in the APMs Project Magazine looking at the UK government’s Universal Credit programme.
Top 7 Wishes of IT Project Managers
There’s nothing wrong with dreaming.  These are the 7 wishes:
  1. Involvment from inception
  2. The perfect team
  3. Powerful yet simple to use PM Tools
  4. Clearly defined objectives
  5. Buy-in from stakeholders and end-users
  6. Be treated with respect
  7. Be allowed to adjust
7 Critical Skills for Project Managers
This could be a controversial one, and at PMAdvisor we were particularly surprised to see communication missing.
  1. Scheduling
  2. Resource allocation
  3. Risk management
  4. Budgeting
  5. Team management
  6. Change management
  7. Issue management
Howler of the Week
Simplifying project management basics is a good thing, so we were excited to came across this article on
We were excited until we realised how many critical elements were missing, by focusing purely on the schedule.  Think strategy, locations, stakeholders, risks, issues, methods, budgets, …..
Triniforce releases Project Kaiser version 12
This new version of their web-based project management software includes a number of improvements in team collaboration, projects’ creation, project tree configuration etc. 
PowerSteering 10 Introduces Innovative Portfolio Planning Capabilities
The latest release extends PowerSteering’s capabilities in portfolio management and analysis, introducing a number of enhancements.