Reflect with a Fresh Pair of Eyes

A Fresh Pair of EyesProject Deep Dives

Periodic project assessments (or Deep Dives) are a clever way of avoiding those frustrating and nasty surprises at the end of a project, allowing necessary corrections before it’s too late.  This deep dive analysis is a fundamental part of project governance.  ProjExc have crafted a clear methodology which captures a clear view of both project health and project managment performance.
The ProjExc deep dive process and the resulting report are designed with 2 clear goals:
  1. to coach the project manager into improved project management discipline thus greatly reducing the risk of failure, and
  2. to give project stakeholders a confidential independent report of project status and clear improvement recommendations from the experts.

Independent Governance

Of course you can do deep dives internally, but how many organisations today have the luxury of available credibility and expertise, let alone the willingness to compromise this critical part of corporate governance with potential conflicts of interest?

Supplier Projects

Often organisations have great governance in place for their own internal projects, but have insufficient oversight of supplier/partner projects – this can be a big risk to your success.  ProjExc often perform (or support) 3rd party deep dives which are conducted in such a way as to be supportive and informative.  The reports and agreed actions support win-win trusted relationships and aid shared understanding of priorities at a practical level.

More Information

To find out more about how independent project deep dives might help your business, you can contact ProjExc directly on 0121 222 5744.

DICE Project Assessment Method

DICE is a change project assessment tool developed by the Boston Consulting Group.  It is a standardised way of assessing the likelihood of a project succeeding.

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With something like ⅔rd of projects failing to meet their objectives, many organisations and PMOs often seek objective tools to help understand the likelihood of their projects meeting their objectives.  With this in mind and recognising the proven factors in project failure, BCG had the idea of “minimising that risk of failure, powerfully flipping the odds in favour of success”.

BCG’s experts have determined that the outcome of change initiatives is driven by four elements:

  1. the (D)uration of the project;
  2. the performance (I)ntegrity of the team;
  3. the organizational (C)ommitment to change; and
  4. the additional (E)ffort required of staff members.

Assessing projects against these four elements, which they call DICE®, can greatly help achieve successful change from initial idea to benefits realisation.

Their methodology for scoring and statistically analysing the dynamics of DICE®, thereby allows objective assessment of the likely outcome of transformation.

Using the tool on BCGs website allows rapid visual assessment looking like this:


Dice Example